Something Savage
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Been a while since I drew for fun, sketched this guy up real quick last night.
Illustration for Wired Italia
The animated version is way too big for tumblr, view here:
NYC Commuters: Going up
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My contribution to Alex Griendling’s Future52


Creation 20
Starship by:
Daniel Savage

Royal Mars
“Something that’s become painfully clear during the initial weeks of rebuilding Earth is that there are simply too many people. Prior to the apocalypse, 20 billion people were already testing Earth’s resources, but post-apocalypse, even these strained infrastructures are no longer present. As such, we have begun transporting many Terrestrial refuges to Mars, where there is more than enough room for growth. The Royal Mars will make this planet much more of a draw to families, who have been difficult to convince thus far. After all, Mars has served as highly sophisticated scientific facility and we can’t expect breeders to appreciate its immaculately sterile labs and legacy of brilliance. /TIMETRANSMISSION_END _Bishop_Jun_2298//”
"how do i make a rough edge brush in photoshop?"
The age old question.

Heres a free lesson on creating custom brushes in Photoshop. I break down what I use on a regular basis, and explain the difference between brush presets and tool presets, etc. 
Watch it here:
New site, new work. 
I realized this guy I was designing looked like homer, so I just rolled with it.
He’s still going…